In the glow of torchlight,

You write,

Hoping to capture

What the transcendentalists could not –

The fleeting river of life,

Into which each of us steps only once,

The sweet fruits of being alive,

And sweeter still, the song love sings,

When She comes

On silent feet

That have been dragged through

The morning’s dew,

And the grass,

And the dirt and the mud and the organic detritus

Of the Garden

But which are altogether

Untouched by their travels,

            And still as pure

As your heart

The night before it was first broken.



The moment ends,

Mindful of the clock

And it’s relentless ticking,

Heedless of the half-smile painted across your face,

The bright luminescence of the sky

And the whiteness of the gulls

Flying far above,

Silhouetted against the setting sun,

Going places I will never.


You can’t see the sky

When you’re dreamin’ like that,

One nightmare after another –

Dark horses gallopin’ into a sunset

Whose colors you can’t quite fathom;

And you can’t shoot for the moon

When you’re fallin’ like that,

Icarus with his wings afire,

Plummetin’ through time and space,

Pausin’ only to regret not flyin’ close enough

To be blinded by that treacherous sun;

And you can’t reach out and pluck the stars

From the velvet blanket of the night,

When you’re dancin’ like that,

Like everyone’s watchin’

And you’re frozen in the spotlight,

Amber-trapped in a rare moment of stillness,

Never again to resume a foxtrot

You never took up to begin with.

Thinking of You

Do you think of me at dawn,

When you arise, first light tingeing the rooftops

A rosy gold?

Do you dream of me at dusk,

The first of those septentrional stars

Shining bright in the blanket of the newly minted night?

Do you wake from dreams of me

In the still and quiet of the early hours,

A bittersweet melody playing itself out

Once more across the canvas of your skin?

Do you remember me as I remember you,

Indelible ink forever spilt across my midnight musings?

Down by the Graveyard

I can see the ocean from here,

Blue over blue and ever-changing,

And the sun is setting is setting far and wide,

But it will not set upon my youth,

At least not tonight –

Maybe tomorrow,

I will wake up in the far future,

Aging and ancient,

In an empire upon which the sun never sets,

In a land where the ocean’s dried up,

Leaving nothing;

Nothing but dust and the long-decayed legions

Of the sea creatures

Who once swam unburdened

By the perils of today,

And who, in their eternal youth,

Did not foresee the twilight tomorrow will bring,

Those skies they used to look up upon

With such reverence

From their watery castles

Burning red

In the realm of some distant eventuality,

Where I will have long since

Turned to dust under the dusky sky

And blown away,

Towards the graveyard,

Down by what once was the sea.

Looking at the Sun

They say that if you look too long

Into the eyes of the sun,

You yourself will be blinded.

It is said that the abyss stares back;

I wonder if the same is true of the sun,

And if the last thing one sees

Before the darkness overtakes the light

Is some cosmic truth, revealed,

Beauty caught bathing in the Garden,

Venus in Furs, her only garment

Coyly pooled at her feet,

A smile of better days to come

Painted by a greater man than Rembrandt

Stretched across her sculpted face.