A Question For the Writers of the World

Now that I have your attention, authors, here is my question: If you could meet up for coffee with one of your characters, what would you ask them?


The best thing about this particular question is that it’s easily answered. To your character, you are God. You are their Creator, you determine the course of their lives, you feel their suffering, or at the very least you write about it in your journal, and you are the one who knows more about them than anyone else in the entire universe.


So, as a God, albeit not an omniscient one (otherwise you wouldn’t have come here!), you can answer any questions you have about your character. You might need to ask a few other questions in the process, so let’s check it out with an example question – “What was your character’s childhood like?”


You can ask questions like “What was my character’s relationship with their mother?” and “Was my character adopted?” and ‘What was my character’s favorite childhood toy?” to get at the heart of the matter. Just keep asking for details (and, well, providing those details) until you’ve got a satisfactory answer to your question.


Speaking about asking your characters questions, be on the look out for my new project, 1000 Questions to Ask About Your Character, coming in Autumn 2016~


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