Camp NaNoWriMo

Greetings, Internet!


If you aren’t already participating, Camp NaNoWriMo is a great project to undertake in order to get that writing flowing. I’ve written 11,000 words already this month, more than a third of my target.


Check it out here.


And stay tuned for excerpts from my newest novel, tentatively entitled Kingdom Come. Enjoy a space opera drama where the royals of the nine worlds (Pluto included) have epic battles against one another. Will Lord Mars ever reveal his greatest secret? Will King Jupiter eventually admit his love for a human member of his court? Is Lord Saturn to be trusted? And has Lady Earth finally returned to them, after all these centuries? For answers to all this and more, subscribe.


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A poet driven by the quill, a dreamer of impossible dreams, a lover of that which the world has deemed unlovable. We're all stories in the end. This is mine.

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