The Green Goddess


A green goddess walked into a bar,

And she didn’t get far

Before someone said, “Where is the joke?

I came here tonight, even though I’m broke,

And then you walk in,

Without a sin.”

The goddess, who was lovely beyond measure,

Says, “Beware – or I shall tell you of my treasure.”

“Now, there is the punch line,

Goddess, how did you learn that which is divine?”

Smiling, the goddess, fairest amongst immortals,

Said, “There are five portals;

One for pain, one for pleasure,

One for work, and one for leisure.”

The man was taken aback,

And said, “Goddess; it seems I have what you lack,

For you only made mention of four such portals –

Perhaps the other,” he began to joke, “is not for mortals.”

And the Goddess, having seen his heart before he spoke,

Said, “Well, my dear, that is the joke.

The fifth portal is death itself,

Pity I keep the other four to myself.”


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A poet driven by the quill, a dreamer of impossible dreams, a lover of that which the world has deemed unlovable. We're all stories in the end. This is mine.

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