Pin-Up Girl

You can tell she hails from a different,

More classic,



With those pin-up lips

And the curve of her face,

That reddish hair

And those red lips,

A rouge like a summer solstice sunrise

Sent from God

To warn the Sheppard,

A color so saturated

I’d swear she’d just taken a bite

Of that forbidden fruit,

Or suckled from the sweet breast of life,

Turning her red, red,

Red as the dawn,

As the fire engine speeding away

Into the twilight

To save the farmer

Who failed to heed the sky’s blood-red warning

That morning.


Waltz in Light

You are fascinated

By the curious manner in which

The insect darts in and out of the light beam

Spilling from between two leaves,

Illuminating him one moment,

And casting him in shadow the next –

Or perhaps it is a her,

A bearer of life,

Perhaps her tiny body is laden

With eggs,

Tiny packets of potential

That will one day

Learn the same waltz in light

She is currently dancing.


There are clouds congregating

Towards the North,

But look towards the South,
And the sky is so fucking blue

You can hardly stand to look at it,

Eyes darting back and forth

Between the cover of the clouds,

And the cobalt sky,

Too blue of a burden to bear

For more than a few moments at a time,

So you glance skyward,

Soaking in the Heavens,
Then you cast your gaze back down again,

The greens and ochres of the terrestrial world seeming to pale

In comparison that that cerulean sky,

The bluest blue you can think of,

Then bluer still.

Underage Drinking

You look a little young to be

Here, standing at the bar,

Drinking away your troubles,

Drowning your sorrows in your drink,

Chain-smoking a six pack of B grade cigars,

Smoke curling around you like

So many dandelion wishes,

Floating up, up, away,

Towards the kind of greatness

You’ll never achieve

By sitting here,

At this bar,

Drinking ‘til you drown.

The Tale of a Battle

I heard of a horn

That held the ocean entire;

And I feel, now, like I’m staring down its barrel,

The bittersweetness of war

At its very finest,

The pinnacle of the battle

Playing out in front of me,

Swords clashing,

Guns clanging,

And me,

In its midst,


By the chaos
Save for the blood

Burning red

On my hands.