This page is, like my body of writing, a work in progress.


After all, who is to say the ‘me’ of today will be the same as the ‘me’ of tomorrow? In a year’s time, I will have gone around the sun one more time, and travelled an incredible distance. Every day is a journey. Every life is a story. This is mine.


I am a writer, poet, and Artificial Intelligence Studies major based in New York City. My name means “Pure Huntress,” and I intend to live up to it.


I write poetry because I must. My mind works in a mismatched clockwork of turns of phrase and hints at allegory and metaphors on the nature of the world, time, and all. The yoke of destiny is something we do not choose, but nonetheless wear.


My favorite animal is the noble reindeer. I love burgundy best of all colors, and I have maps scattered across my room. If I didn’t know better, I’d say I was an explorer about to set foot on the journey of a lifetime. 😉

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