Caitlin Cacciatore is a poet and writer based in the outskirts of New York City.

She has been published in Blink Ink, True Grit Cowboys and Cocktails Anthology, Williwaw Literary Journal, Paragon Press’ The Martian Chronicle, The First Line Literary Journal, The Roadrunner Review, Newtown Literary, and Indolent Press’ “What Rough Beast: COVID-19 Edition.” She won second prize in the 2018 Three Cheers and a Tiger writing contest by Toasted Cheese Literary Journal. Caitlin believes poetry has the power to create change and brighten lives, and wishes for her work to be an agent of forward motion.

Caitlin has upcoming publications in the Albion Review, as well as San Fedele Press, and recently won first prize in the Bacopa Literary Review 2020 for poetry