Sorrowfully, I Saw You



I saw you on the train the other day,

Crying out under the burden

Of someone else’s sorrows,

Or at least I imagined that it was you,

And that you were crying,

And that the sorrows were not your own.


I saw you down the hall as well,

Standing in perfect stillness,

Knees bent under the weight

Of our caprice,

Head bowed as if in prayer,

Or at least I pretended it was you,

And maybe even said a prayer of my own

To the Old Gods we used to howl to,

When the moon was full of joy,

And so were we.






Is like standing on a mountaintop somewhere,

Watching the stars revolve in their orbits,

Your head spinning with them,

Your heart soaring with the feeling,

Your whole body singing –

Praise be to the victor,

And praise be to his shadow,

For wheresoever it may fall

Will be auspicious ground.



Is like trying to climb the self-same mountain,

Only to be thwarted,

Again, and again,

Each time nearer to the top,

Because that is what hope is –

Being thrown off that rugged mount

 Time and time again,

Never knowing victory,

Yet dreaming of her.