From the Archives: Man Stands on the Edge of His Dreams

Man Stands on the Edge of His Dreams

Dated May 26, 2006

Man stands on the edge of his dreams,
On the narrow line between waking and sleeping.

A continuous pattern of night and day,
Light and dark,
Dreaming and day dreaming.

Drifting and floating,
Swimming and flying,
Into the darkness,
Out of the light.

What is real,
What is not,
Forever straddling the border;
Man stands on the edge of his dreams.


A Short Introduction

Hello, readers, writers, passers-by, wanderers, followers, leaders, children of Earth. My name is Caitlin Cacciatore, and the art of writing is close to my heart. I am currently working on several projects, ranging from science fiction to poetry to prayer tomes.

I like to think that I write from an honest, humble, vulnerable part of my soul, but you may beg to differ. I am just beginning my journey, though I have been writing for many years now, but perhaps we are all starting over anew in some way or another each day, and I, weary traveller, know my place in the universe and that I have an infinite amount to learn.

I hope you enjoy my blog. Feel free to take a look at my different projects. At the moment I am writing this, I have no published works, but that is soon to be changing, so stay on the lookout for my books.

Thank you for visiting and may happiness follow you wheresoever you may go.